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In kadita we combine traditional Mediterranean agriculture, self-building, art and craft with a unique and charming farm lodge.

Cabin at Kadita

(Bikta BeKadita) Is a little farm in the Upper Galilee


Each with its own unique location and personal character. Some cabins are ideal for a couple, others for a family or a small group of friends.

There are Five Wooden Cabins in kadita


About Us

We arrived here almost four decades ago. It was then a rocky mountain slope with only two old olive trees - Our new home. As years past, stones turned into terraces, gardens and vineyards were planted, and in their midst we started hosting those who came by.  Read more

The Farm

For us, agriculture is a way of life. It connects seasons, land and manual work and provides inspiration and fulfillment. We grow traditional Mediterranean fruits, vegetables and  herbs.
Everything is hand cultivated with sustainable organic methods.


Our Products

In kadita you can buy our own organic olive oil, olives, honey, wine, jams and dried fruits. All are organically grown, hand picked and locally produced. Naturally, the availability of different products varies yearly and seasonally.

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